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Shell Lubricants.
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No matter why you drive

Shell Helix Motor Oils are designed for ultimate engine performance, so you can keep your passion for driving alive and drive On.

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Trusted by NZ Fleets

Shell's range of Diesel Engine Oils and lubricants
can make a real difference to your bottom line.

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A tough industry. Severe operating conditions.

Shell's range of lubricants and greases can help you to get the most out of your equipment in challenging environments.

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Drive success by reducing costs

Shell's range of lubricants for the manufacturing sector can help to drive success by reducing operating costs and extending equipment life.

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Stay on time and on budget

High-quality lubricants are essential to ensuring equipment always performs at it's best on the job, keeping projects on budget and on time.

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We've got your back

TransDiesel & Shell Lubricants. Teaming up to provide the quality products to keep your drive optimised and in peak condition.

Sustainability Goals

Find out how Shell & TransDiesel are stepping up to the challenge.

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