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eni Cladium 50 is a detergent lubricant formulated from an additive-treated high quality base stock. It is suitable for use as crankcase oil in large crosshead engines with oil-cooled pistons. It can also be used as a stern tube lubricant.

Viscosity Grade: SAE 30


eni Cladium 120 is an API CF lubricant specifically formulated for naturally-aspirated or even highly supercharged marine, industrial and locomotive diesel engines. Its additive package is suitably balanced in order to permit the use of either gasoline-oil or marine diesel fuels, while ensuring top performance in engines with very high mean effective pressures.

Viscosity Grades: SAE 30, SAE 40


eni Cladium S is a series of marine engine oils of the latest generation intended for use in those modern four-stroke diesel engines operating with high sulphur fuels which require lubricants of higher performances, namely with anti-black sludge properties.

This lubricant provides also better deposit control in the hottest parts of the engine, namely in the piston cooling gallery.

eni CLADIUM 500 S is recommended in case of use of fuel with particularly high sulphur and/ or
of engines showing extremely low oil consumption. 

LDA 4013

eni LDA 4013 is suitable for lubricating high output diesel locomotive engines operating under very severe duty. In particular, LDA 4013 can be employed in all General Electric Standard Export locomotives even when the sulphur content of the diesel fuel exceeds 0.5%, permitting less frequent oil changes, longer filter life and ensuring superior protection against deposits and wear. LDA 4013 does not corrode silver metal bearings.

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