Lombardini CHD series are 4 stroke diesel marine engines, cooled by fresh water via a heat exchanger with zinc anode protection, cast-iron engine block, one piece cast-iron cylinder head reborable liners. The camshaft is located in the upper part of the crankcase to allow a reduced width in the lower area of the engine. The innovative design of the gear train, the injection system and location, and the reduced cylinder pitch, shorten the engine length.
The special crankshaft balancing gives exceptionally low vibrations and ensures an excellent operational performance during use. The innovative design of the fuel injection system, as well as the utilisation of hypereutectic pistons which reduce piston slap, and a heavily constructed block, assist in greatly reducing the noise levels that are normally associated with diesel engines. individual Unit-type injectors offer high performance at all engine speeds. Compared to a conventional injection pump the injection system on the CHD Series features a one way flow and a unique delivery system that prevents unwanted variations of injection pressure and timing, ensuring maximum efficiency during combustion. Through the design of the injection and combustion system Lombardini have realised an engine that provides maximum power whilst ensuring exhaust emission are kept to an absolute minimum. All maintenance operations are made easier due to the simple construction of the product. Also, for maintenance of the injection system, it is not strictly necessary to involve the services of a pump specialist: the servicing of parts can be completed by a qualified service outlet.