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eni i-Sint Racing Tec 10W-60 is a full synthetic lubricant, for petrol engines of any power output under any operating condition (including competition racing cars, high-output engines, extreme driving conditions such as rallies, off road and sub-zero to desert temperatures). i-Sint Racing Tec 10W-60 is formulated with the latest generation of engine lubricant technologies and is specifically manufactured to satisfy the demand of high performance engines.


eni i-Sint CRDI 5W-40 is a high quality synthetic lubricant specifically formulated for petrol or diesel passenger cars, which require the latest lubricants. It meets the latest API and relevant European OEM specifications, to reduce exhaust emissions in combination with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and comply with the latest emission regulations. Low SAPS oil.

i-SINT MS 5W-30

Eni i-Sint MS 5W-30 is an innovative synthetic technology lubricant with “Mid SAPS” (MS) characteristics, specifically formulated for gasoline or diesel engines of the latest models of passenger cars and light vans. The particular formulation of the product meets the strict requirements of ACEA C2 specification, allowing to obtain considerable fuel savings.

i-SINT TEC F 5W-30

eni i-Sint tech F 5W-30 is a synthetic technology lubricant developed for Ford cars of the latest
generation, requiring an oil that meets the WSS-M2C913-D specification. The product is suitable
for those passenger cars for which the manufacturer prescribes lubricants conforming to the
912 or 913 A / B / C specifications.

i-SINT 10W-40

Eni i-Sint 10W-40 is a high-quality engine lubricant with a synthetic technology formula developed to meet the needs of gasoline and diesel engines in the latest-generation cars and commercial vehicles, even in the toughest operating conditions.


eni i-Sint professional 10W-30 is engine lubricant formulated with synthetic technology, designed to lubricate gasoline and diesel engines that equip passenger cars and light vans operating under vehicle manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures


eni i-Base Formula Super series is mainly designed to lubricate car engines which benefit fromhigher levels of anti-wear additive. This is especially so for those fitted with flat cam followersand European Manufacturers' cars operating under the severest conditions.


Eni CHF (Central Hydraulic Fluid) is a special green synthetic fluid for first-fill and refilling of power steerings and integrated hydraulic circulation (power steering/suspensions/power brakes and transmissions) of vehicles with corresponding manufacturer's specification.

Especially the requirements of AUDI, VW, VOLVO, Maserati, MB and ALFA ROMEO are met. Eni CHF also meets the requirements of BMW until September '91. It must not be applied in hydraulic systems with other specifications than above, also not in hydraulic brake systems, which could cause serious problems.

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