• Horse Power550 hp

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: ALLISON 4500

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Description - ALLISON 4500

Allison 4000 Series, On-highway, heavy duty transmission.
With high horsepower and torque ratings making heavy duty commercial vehicles more productive and easier to drive. With Allison electronic controls a 4000 Series can adapt to operate efficiently in a wide variety of conditions for superior performance in severe applications.


Specifications - ALLISON 4500

  • Output Engine power Kw (hp):410 (550)
  • Output engine Torque N•m (lb-ft): Ist:2237 (1650) 2nd:2400 (1770) 3-6: 2508 (1850)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight KG: N/A
  • Torque converter: One stage- three element- polyphase. Includes standard integral damper which is operational in lockup
  • Allison 4th Generation Electronic Controls with closed loop adaptive shifts
  • Mounting to engine: SAE1