The new TA15 autonomous and electric haulers are part of the TARA autonomous transport solution from VAS. These machines use a lithium ion battery to power two electric motors driving the machine and a third driving the hydraulics.

Each TA15 follows an adjustable, pre-programmed GPS path with a vision system allowing it to detect people and obstacles in the way.

The HX02 autonomous electric hauler was developed by Volvo CE and has now been handed over for commercialization to Volvo Autonomous Solutions (VAS).

The LX01 wheel loader concept, which is a series hybrid with a driveline consisting of electric drive motors mounted at the wheels, electric-driven hydraulics, an energy storage system, a significantly smaller diesel engine, and new machine architecture. This combination enables a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency versus traditional wheel loaders, along with quieter operation and significantly lower emissions.

The EX01 70-ton dual-powered, cable connected excavator prototype. The base machine for the EX01 is a Volvo EC750 crawler excavator that has been upgraded to incorporate an electric motor in addition to the diesel engine. If the machine is plugged into the grid, zero emissions are emitted. If the cable is connected, the EX01 will automatically start in electric mode. If it’s not, it will start in diesel mode.


Real change comes from taking a stand when others are only making noise. Real change comes from taking positive action, not screaming and shouting for others to do it. Some of the world’s greatest changes have been made without making a sound. It won’t be any different this time. We are committed to building the world we want to live in, a world where progress is made in a sustainable, efficient and peaceful way.

The Volvo L25 and ECR25 are two fully electric machines in production with Volvo CE currently.

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