Volvo Rigid Hauler R70D

  • Operating Weight47690 kg
  • Horse Power760.4 hp
  • KW567 kW

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: Volvo Rigid Hauler R70D

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Description - Volvo Rigid Hauler R70D

Big on productivity but low on cost of operation, the all-new Volvo D-Series rigid dumpers deliver outstanding performance, efficiency, reliability and safety in all mining and quarrying applications.


Specifications - Volvo Rigid Hauler R70D

Payload capacity 65,000 kg
Body volume, SAE 2:1 heap 41.5 m³
Net weight 47,690 kg
Gross weight 112,690 kg
Engine Detroit Diesel/MTU-2000TA (Tier 2 / Stage II)
Gross power 567 kW engine speed 2,100 rpm
Max SAE J1349 gross torque 3,323 Nm engine speed 1,350 rpm
Max speed 57 km/h