Ammann Premium rammers are technically advanced machines, adapted to help professionals be productive and safe. (68KG)

Among the key features of the Premium models are an optimised multi-function gas lever that is shaped and positioned for easy reach and operation; a low emission engine that fulfills the strictest regulations worldwide, and an additional air filter system that extends the life of the machine.

The premium models also feature the vibration-isolated handle concept that limits hand-arm vibrations to protect the operator. 




Ammann ATR60P Premium Hydraulic Rammer


Part#/SKU: AF-M-ATR60P


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Machine weight 62 kg
Foot length 340 mm
Foot width 280 mm
Handle length 710 mm
Machine height 1020 mm
Handle width 355 mm

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: Ammann ATR60P Premium Hydraulic Rammer

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