Reversible vibratory plate compactor with ACE econ, E Start & 75mm Ext. 

This reversible vibratory plate offers manoeuvrability and great climbing with an ability to work on 30 percent grades.

High-performance diesel engines power the machines. The variable forward and reverse motion helps the vibratory plates overcome particularly difficult spots in hard-to-reach places.

At 440 kg, it is the heaviest of the APR vibratory plates. Its engine provides 6,6 kw of power and the machines delivers 59 kN of centrifugal force. The engine hood is durable and protective but also grants great accessibility for servicing.





Ammann APR5920 (HATZ) Plate Compactor


Part#/SKU: AF-M-53-A-C-


Machine weight  440 kg
 with extension plates 75 mm  462 kg
 with extension plates 150 mm  473 kg
 A = Base plate length  450 mm
 B = Machine length  898 mm
 C = with handle  1453 mm
 D = Machine heigth  850 mm
 E = Handle height (work)  1000 mm
 F = Handle height (transport)  1324 mm
 G = Machine width  450 mm

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: Ammann APR5920 (HATZ) Plate Compactor

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