Forward Moving Vibratory Plate (80KG)

The APF 1540 is able to utilise key options to make this forward-moving plate extremely versatile. An optional Vulcolan mat, which can be installed without a single tool, provides quick adjustment when working with paving stones. 

Ammann plates lead the industry in lowest hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels. The levels are so minimal that the machines will remain in compliance with the strictest regulations for many years to come.






Part#/SKU: AF-M-1440H--


  • Wear-resistant base plate Longer service life of the machine
  • Fast machine with good compaction output
  • Enables productive operation
  • Hoop guard and V belt cover Better protection of machine components
  • Optional Vulkollan mat
  • Low-vibration guide handle Low HAV values protect the machine operator
  • Optional transport wheels Easy to transport the machine from one site to the next

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: APF1540

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