The APF 1850 is considered the “all-around” forward-moving plate. (95KG)

It has size with the option of a powerful Honda or Hatz engine to enable quality performances on soil, gravel, pavers, asphalt and other surfaces. The continuously adjustable vibration also helps with compaction on varied surfaces.

The guide handle can be folded, making for easy transport.



Ammann APF 1850 (HONDA) Plate Compactor


Part#/SKU: AF-M-18H5---


  • Wear-resistant base plate Longer service life of the machine
  • Fast machine with good compaction output
  • Enables productive operation
  • Hoop guard and V belt cover Better protection of machine components
  • Optional Vulkollan mat
  • Low-vibration guide handle Low HAV values protect the machine operator
  • Optional transport wheels Easy to transport the machine from one site to the next

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: Ammann APF 1850 (HONDA) Plate Compactor

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