The Process: Testing.

We strongly recommend that all fluid extractions be undertaken by service technicians, as hot fluids, electrical discharges and high pressures can be hazardous to the untrained operator. There are ideal conditions, tools and specific compartments that can only de identified by a trained mechanic professional.

A “mid-stream” sample is recommended, regardless of whether the extraction is being carried out with a pump or a drain plug, as the oil that comes out immediately or towards the end of the extraction may contain metals or debris which can yield you inaccurate test results.

We don’t recommend extracting samples from dipstick tubes or oil filters as this can yield false results due to the abnormal concentration of debris.

To avoid unnecessary expenditure due to sample cross contamination, we recommend that whomever is responsible for taking the samples be included in the feedback process and success of the extraction.

Labelling a sample correctly expedites the process and ensures consistent and accurate data. Please download our step-by-step PDF here.

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