VM Motori


  • Horse Power150 hp
  • KW110 kW

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: MR504LH

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Description - MR504LH

110kW / 150HP @4000rpm diesel marine engine. 4 stroke turbocharge and aftercooled, direct injection diesel engine with electronically controlled common rail injection. Cooling controlled by separate fresh and salt water circuits, with extractable hoses for easy maintenance. Lube oil, water and air circuits designed to reduce external flexible pipes to a minimum to reduce loss of liquids in the bilge. Auxiliary devices driven by Poly-V belt to ensure excellent power transfer and long life. Electrical circuit protected by reactivateable valves.


Specifications - MR504LH

  • 110kW / 150HP @4000rpm
  • 4 cylinder
  • 250kg dry weight
  • Water cooling
  • Direct injection common rail
  • Turbocharged and intercooled