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Lombardini LMG Marine generator set is the result of many years of study, made after a careful market-research with boat builders and final users.The aim was to meet the needs of everyone, by making what was required by the market.

Lombardini therefore produced a generator which answers the fundamental requirements of noiselessness, compactness, lightness, vibration free operation and is capable of working in high temperature environments and at large angles of inclination.

A very good wave shape, as well as easy accessibility for maintenance checks, has also been achieved. Lombardini Marine, developed the silencing of the engine with a soundproof shield on the injection side, a major source of noise, and cooling the alternator with water and not air.

In order to simplify maintenance, the generator has been designed with all controls and engine parts which require routine maintenance on one side only. The generator set is supplied with a remote control box and 10 m of plug-in cable complete with hour meter. In order to avoid serious damage to the engine, a special safety shutdown device stops the engine in case of high temperature of the water cooling and low oil pressure.