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  • Horse Power51 hp
  • KW37.5 kW

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: KDW2204

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Description - KDW2204

51 HP (37.5KW) @ 3600RPM. Four stroke diesel liquid cooled engine.
Applications include: Mini excavator, Dumper, Forklift, Wood chipper, Generator set, Aerial platform, Compressor, High pressure cleaner, Sweeper, Pump, Tractor


Specifications - KDW2204

  • Inline 4 Cylinder
  • 51 HP (37.5KW) @ 3600RPM. 4 stroke diesel liquid cooled engine
  • Double PTO on the crankshaft
  • Forced lubrication with vane pump on crankshaft
  • Water pump in the engine block
  • Centrifugal governor
  • Torque regulator
  • Cast iron engine block with re-borable integral liners
  • Cast iron cylinder head.