eni Dicrea are oils designed for the lubrication of air compressors (rotary and the reciprocating types).

eni Dicrea oils are formulated with selected paraffinic base stocks and with antioxidant, antirust and antiwear additives.


eni Dicrea oils meet the requirements of the following services and specifications:

For rotary air compressors lubricants

  •  ISO-L-DAH (ISO VG 32-68)
  •  ISO-L-DAG (ISO VG 100-320)
  •  GM LJ-03-1-04 (ISO VG 32)
  •  GM LJ-04-1-04 (ISO VG 46)
  •  GM LJ-06-1-04 (ISO VG 68)
  •  GM LJ-10-1-04 (ISO VG 100)

For reciprocating air compressors lubricants

  •  ISO-L-DAB (ISO VG 32-150)
  •  ISO-L-DAA (ISO VG 220-320)
  •  DIN 51506 VDL (ISO VG 32-150)
  •  DIN 51506 VBL (ISO VG 220-320)

For vacuum pumps lubricants

  •  ISO-L-DVA (ISO VG 32-150)

eni Dicrea oils are explicitly recommended or approved by the following manufacturers:

  •  HATALAPA (ISO VG 100)
  •  ITALVACUUM (ISO VG 100 e 150)
  •  NEA Neuman & Esser (ISO VG 100)
  •  Neunenhauser Kompressoren (ISO VG 100)
  •  Sulzer Burckhardt (ISO VG 150)


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