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Description - AMMANN RAMMERS

Ammann Rammers range feature the best forward-movement in the industry, helping contractors in all applications work productively and ultimately achieve compaction targets. The forward-moving ability makes them the tool of choice for contractors and rental agencies.

The rammers also are so easy to use that operators of all experience levels are able to perform productively. They are more comfortable, too, because of the reduced-vibration handle. That lessens fatigue and ultimately proves to be another productivity booster.



• Trench compaction
• Back filling
• Pipe work
• Foundation work
• Patch work on roads
• Confined areas


Specifications - AMMANN RAMMERS

  • Balanced weight distribution and good forward movement Machine is easy to guide
  • Large selection of rammer base plates
  • Base plates available for every application
  • Long service life of engines and machines
  • Machine can be used for longer
  • Low fuel requirements
  • One tank lasts for up to four hours of operation
  • Flexible fuel selection is possible Both petrol and diesel engines can be used
  • Low hand-arm vibration values Long machine use with no risk of Raynaud’s syndrome(“white finger disease”)
  • Open guide handle
  • Clear view of the base plate at all times during operation and usable for all sides
  • Height-adjustable machine
  • Guide pipe and guide handle can be adjusted for comfortable operation
  • Daily maintenance possible without tools
  • Preventive maintenance to protect the machine can be carried our anywhere
  • Air filters with self-cleaning effect and optionally available cyclone pre-filter
  • Long machine service life and therefore good life cycle costs