6.10TCA (ON HIGHWAY 173HP @2400RPM)

  • Horse Power173 hp

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: 6.10TCA (ON HIGHWAY 173HP @2400RPM)

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Description - 6.10TCA (ON HIGHWAY 173HP @2400RPM)

173HP @ 2400RPM. MWM 10 series on-highway engines offer good fuel and lube economy and easy maintenance.
Proven for their reliability, performance and low operational cost there are 4 models available.


Specifications - 6.10TCA (ON HIGHWAY 173HP @2400RPM)

  • Inline 6 Cylinder
  • 6.45 Litres
  • 173HP @ 2400RPM
  • Turbo Aftercool
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good fuel & oil economy
  • Individual cylinder heads