The Walker FUELSEP® was first introduced in late 1997. Since that time, over 17,000 units have been shipped for applications, ranging from marine vessels, trucks, land-based gensets, and even auxiliary engines.
The FUELSEP® is a "no-maintenance" fuel treatment device that improves the combustion of diesel fuel to burn more completely.
Improved combustion means less soot, less noise, lower exhaust temperature, and better fuel economy.
No magnets are used, and the system mounts inline to the engine fuel supply line.

    • Reduces Exhaust soot - Improves combustion and helps to reduce
    • Reduces Fuel Consumption – Unit documented to deliver a 5% fuel savings.
    • Reduces Exhaust Temperatures – Better combustion means a cleaner burn.
    • No Maintenance Required- Unit is rated for 5,000 hours or 5 years service
    • Easy to Install
    • Available for large engines, small engines, and gensets.

Home of the Walker AIRSEP® closed crankcase system for diesel engines.
Originally configured for marine applications, the AIRSEP® is now available for all applications that use diesel engines, such as trucks, buses, RVs, Industrial engines, and even power generation.
New AIRSEPS® have been designed to meet the increasing popularity of natural gas-fueled engines, as well.
FUELSEP® and ALGAESEP® products add quality, value, and emissions reduction to any diesel powered boat, vehicle or facility.

Also available in the WALKER FILTRATION SERIES
The Walker AIRSEP® is the premiere closed crankcase system that incorporates three (3) systems in one. The AIRSEP® has been factory installed by major Diesel Engine manufacturers worldwide since 1989.
The system delivers value, performance, and reliability. It is the only system in today's market that includes a washable high performance air filter, a crankcase fumes disposal feature, and an integrated air intake silencer, all in one compact package.
Retrofit kits are available for all makes and models of diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, and a variety of configurations make the system flexible for any application. Including marine or land based gensets.  Both traditional systems and Heavy Duty CCE Systems for high hour use are available.
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The updated Walker ALGAESEP® is the newest product added to the Walker line of innovative technology for diesel engines and diesel powered applications. The ALGAESEP 3 ® is a Dynamic Fuel/Water separator that is self contained and designed to be bulkhead mounted. Available in 12- and 24-volt packages, the system removes water, algae, and contaminants from diesel fuel without the engine running. It is also available in a 110-volt package for land based fuel storage or processing plants.
The system does not rely on traditional media filters to remove water but rather a patented advanced technology process, and with regular use fuel maintenance cycles, the system helps guard against unexpected engine shutdown.
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Walker's new Everquiet Air Filter product line is specially designed for today’s modern engines. They are the perfect compliment to any engine not equipped with an AIRSEP. Each unit adds high performance air filtration and a helps reduction intake or turbo noise typically by 5dBa to 10dBa.
The robust housings are metal and designed for years of trouble free service in the tough marine environment. The air filter element is removable so cleaning or replacement is easy and fast.
First issued as a factory upgrade option for the higher horsepower engines, a retrofit unit is now available for any diesel engine currently in service. The unit replaces the plastic or disposable stock element often delivered with the engine.
This unit represents the latest in engineered air flow systems, and will deliver years of optimized performance from your engine whether used for commercial fishing, high speed pleasure-craft, or  luxury yacht applications. Available for MTU, Cummins and many others.
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